Promotion and Kiddo Party! Daily Ramadaan Drama:

Daily Ramadaan Drama:

This Chapter is Dedicated to my Sweet Adorable Sister Sakina!

Ebrahim completes his work for the day and want to retire early home and spend some much-needed time with his wife, soon month end would be upon them and they won’t have a wink of sleep.
Just than his boss walk in:

Gerald: Aah Ebrahim, am I glad to see you still here, do you have a few minutes to spare, I have some news to share

Eb: Sure, what up Gerald?

Gerald: As you know, our business is combining it share with a much bigger corp in the next few months, with such a merger, certain actions need to take place, in saying that, we need a capable head of finance, and we think you would be brilliant for the position! (Broad smile)

Eb: Wow, I would be honoured…but isn’t Frank…

Gerald: Aah yes, we also feel Frank is fit, but over the past few months we have seen great achievements from you as well, in saying that, we have spoken to Frank and I am speaking to you now with regards to what will be the final call when we decide, In the next few weeks many transactions will be required and we feel whoever give it the best, will be voted into that position, I sincerely would love to see you in this position. As they say, “May the best man win”
(Winks at Ebrahim and leave his office)
Yumna is struggling with the amount of work and also keeping up with her household duties

Yumna: Thembi, where is the clean plates and glasses? (Looking at a pile of dirty dishes in her garage, where she keeps all her catering equipment)

Thembi: Ai madam, I told you, the other two cleaners didn’t come to work, so I had to cover for them, so I didn’t get a chance…
Yumna groans…

Yumna: Ok Thembi, please when you come tomorrow first thing is see to these dishes, we have another function to carter tomorrow night.

Just as she closing up, she gets a phone call

Client: Hello, is this Yumna Treats and Events?

Yumna: Hello, yes, this is Yumna speaking, how may I help you?

Client: Ah good I catch you, It Melissa from Andy wholesales, I don’t know if you remember me?

Yumna: Ah yes Melissa, with the adorable kiddo! How is the little rascal?

Melissa: His still the same, driving us all up the wall (laughing), that the reason I am actually calling, is it at all possible for you to plan a small birthday party for him, for around 50 or so people?
Yumna: For when?

Melissa: this Saturday, I know it last minute, but I have been so crazy with work and this is such an important birthday for him, his turning six, so I thought it would be best to hire someone and I thought of you and how amazingly you did our boss 50th!

Yumna: this Saturday…it a tight squeeze, at the moment I have two events to see too. Can I call you back tomorrow to confirm if I can do it, and I totally understand!

Melissa: that would be great! Thanks a bunch, hope to hear from you soon.

Meanwhile at Home:

Ebrahim enter the house to find it silent…Where is Yumna?

He tries and dial her phone but it off…

He checks in the kitchen to see if anything is prepared since Iftaar was about to break…There nothing

Just as his about to get some dates out of the fridge he hears Yumna car come in

He greets her warmly at the door

Eb: Slmz, where were you?

Yumna: Wslmz I am so sorry I am late, it was a mad house at work, plus I might have another event…gosh is it Iftaar time already…wait let me whip something really quick… (trying to rush into the kitchen but is pull back by Ebrahim)

Eb: Chill wifey, we still have so much leftovers, let just heat it up and go read namaaz, okay

Yumna: you sure? (smiles tiredly)

Eb: jee, now come and tell me all about this exhausting day
Humairah rises from making her Salah, and opens her hands in prayer

Humi: Ya Allah, whatever test you will give us, we will have the strength to handle it, please open my daughter path and make it easy for her on this journey, and Allah give me the strength to provide for my family *quietly cries*

Knock knock…

Humairah goes to see who is at the door and is pleasantly surprise to see her friend Yasmin

Yasmin: Slmz Humi, how are you? (tries to put a brave face at the sight of her poor friend face, they have been friend since childhood and she knew all about Nadeem)

Humi: Wslmz, Yaso, it so nice to see you, please come in, (showing her to the lounge) would you like some tea or coffee?

Yaso: Aah have you forgotten we are fasting dearie!

Humi: and I know someone is off (winking at Yaso)

Yaso: how do you know!

Humi: lucky guess and also you have a stain on your top *Laughing)

Yaso: damn that kajoor sauce you made for me, giving me away like that *also giggling* but I’m fine really…how are you? And how is my darling niece?

Humi: Ah we all good shukr…she is okay, I think the divorce and pregnancy is having a toll on her…being in eidith*Term means is mourning period to which a spouse has lost either his/her spouse or is given a divorce) isn’t easy

Yaso: Yeah poor kid…Don’t worry Insha’Allah she will be great…Listen I spoke to a few ladies around the area if you still interested in cooking, they willing to give you a call…

Humi: Ah my best friend, always looking out for me, and I would, as soon as I get enough, I want to send Ayesha to whatever her heart desire to study, she always was good at fashion, you should see her abaya designs!

Yaso: ofcouse I do! I love her designs, she just need a little push and I know just how! (Smiling at her friend)

Meanwhile in Ayesha room:

Ayesha receives an invite from someone new

Luqmaan Joosub would like to add you on Facebook?

Who is Luqmaan and why is he inviting her….

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Encourage Youth in Daily Ramadaan Drama

Daily Ramadaan Drama:

Opening her phone to see message from her ex-husband…

Ayesha: Ya Allah what have I done wrong to be serve such a faith…Looking at herself in the mirror…

With a pounding heart…she thinks of the most unspeakable act…


Another message arrived but from someone else…

Mom: Ramadaan Mubarak my baby…I love you :*
First tarawee:

Moulana: Please be quiet and fill in the spaces, we want to start Insha’Allah
People start filling in…

Zakir looks amongst the people to see If he can spots his kids and is disappointed when he cannot…

Yusuf: Slmz abba! (smiling bright in front of his father)

Zakir: Slmz beta what took you guys so long? (looking at Luqmaan)

Luqmaan points at the far end where his friend Irfaan is standing, Zakir sees and nods in understanding

After Isha is preformed, Zakir stands and get everyone’s attention,

Zakir: Salaam (Peace be upon you) my dear brothers, Moulana Shuaib and I decided it times to allow our youth to participate in one of the most powerful month, we decided for the last ten rakaats, we will ask or anyone young man can even volunteer to perform it for us.

Quickly words started to spread, one young gentleman held up his hand

Zakir: jee brother?

Imran: Slmz brother what if you are not know the para we are on that night? Like some of us youth aren’t hif ul Quran?

Zakir: Good question brother, if it is such, we do not expect you guys to read the para if you do not know, you can read the shorter suras, unless you are willing to learn the night before…

At this announcement the whole crowd is buzzing when a rude man jumps in?

Rude man: But brother than how would we complete the Quran?
Another few chorus the same opinion.

Zakir: Please brothers calm down, this initiative is to encourage our youth, with this bless month I am sure we will complete it and at the same time bring better unity in our community, there is a sign up sheet by the door if any youth wish to help with the rakaats, JazakaAllah for the patience, let us all stand and commence the first tarawee!
First Sehri:
Yumna prepares a variety of different breakfast items while waiting for her husband to join her.

Ebrahim: Woah..are we expecting guests?

Yumna: No why?

Ebrahim: uhm honey there enough food here to feed an army…

Yumna: oh..i might have went a little overboard…

Ebrahim laughs and hold her tight

Ebrahim: JazakaAllah for all that you do…I wish my parents were here to see…

Yumna: They in better place (Cupping his face) and I know they would be shouting at me for overfeeding you and making you fat! (pretending to rub his belly)

Ebrahim laughs and join his wife and afterward goes to the room and completes their salah…

Over at the moosa:

Ayesha wakes up to her alarm…quietly brushes her teeth and goes in the kitchen…look in the fidge and start preparing their sehri…

Nadeem walks in the kitchen: Slmz beti what for sehri?

Ayesha: Jungle oats…

Nadeem: Well better not burn it like last time and where is that mother of yours…

Ayesha: She is probably reading namaaz…

Nadeem: she is forever praying…and does not see to her husband!

Ayesha flinches and calmly places her father meal while hurriedly going to check on her mother…

The sight of her mother with a slight swollen lip…

Ayesha: Ya Allah did he hit you again!

Humairah: No hunny…I just got stung by something, did you eat nicely, you know with the baby you can’t fast…you need to keep all your energy?

Ayesha: I ate already*She lied*,your porridge is on the stove…thanks for the message..Ramadaan Mubarak to you as well (Hugging her mother and trying to keep her emotions in check)I…I Love you mommy

Humairah: No…No tears darling (Wiping her daughter eyes) I love you too, let me eat real quick than I will come rub for you some oil (noticing her daughter swollen feet)

Ayesha: I’m not crying…just baby hormones and don’t worry I will rub, you just eat and get a few hours rest ok!

Just as Humairah sit to eat,

Nadeem: Oh you finish pray for the whole world, better pray that someone will be interested in Ayesha…How much longer do you intend to keep her, she need to grow up and find her own way

Humairah: How can you say such a thing, she is our daughter and she can stay as long as she likes! And what concern is it too you, you are the reason our poor daughter is in this state! Get her married to that druggie!

Nadeem: Hey! Atlest he was willing to marry her lazy ass! All she ever does is read those silly books! She can’t even cook, No wonder Junaid left her!

Humairah: How dare you! Our daughter was studying when-
Before she could complete her sentence…The was a loud resounding slap!
A week after the 1st Roza…Outside the masjid
Moulana Shuaib: Slmz brother (Hugging Zakir) I am glad you are here, I have spoken to some of my fellow Ustad and we have all agreed it would be best if you accompany them for ziarat next month, it will all be funded ofcouse, what do you say?

Zakir: I am honoured to be considered, but I will first have to check with my wife and kids, their well-being is my first concern.

Moulana S: That is very true, well let us know, let us read now.

After Namaaz:
Zakir walks in on the boys running around the house, while his wife Ferhana is on the phone

Zakir greet them loudly and the boys run quikly into his open arms, Ferhana smile and cut the call

Ferhana: Slmz, how was mosque? Any boys volunteered?

Zakir: Not yet, but I think if one volunteers than the other shall follow, it still early days, so my dear wife, what is left for me to eat?

Ferhana: well if it was left to the little monsters (pointing at the twins, who are currently wrestling in the lounge) there would be nothing, but luckily, I have save you some Haleem and samosas

Zakir: Aah my saviour goddess, let me clean up and I will join you in the kitchen

Opening the door to their bathroom, Zakir notices Luqmaan looking far off on his bed…. After washing up, he enters Luqmaan room

Zakir: Slmz son, uhm is there something amiss?

Luqmaan: Nothing dad…just tired. I am going to sleep (turn his head to the other side)

Zakir walk back to the kitchen with look of gloom

Ferhana: Now where that sunny smile gone, did the boys make a mess in the bathroom again? (Giving them a stern stare)

Zakir: No, it Luqmaan ever since his enter collage his has no time and wont confide in me anymore?

Ferhana: Oho, is that why, from my experience, there a time when our kids will distance themselves, but just be patience, our son will open up to us…

Yusuf and Bilal enter

Bilal: Mommy! Bha won’t share his comic with me!

Yusuf: Because he will mess it! Plus, he got his own!

Bilal: But I can’t find it and I want to read also!

Yusuf: Mo-

Ferhana: Boys! Let us leave Dad in peace and go talk this out in the lounge

(Smiling at Zakir as she led the boys into the lounge)
From his seat, he watches as his wife handle the boys

Ferhana: Ok listen up my marshmallows, what do we always say in our house? (sternly looking at Yusuf)

Yusuf: that sharing is caring and that Allah is happy with those who share with his fellow brother…but mommy he has his own?

Ferhana: I know but seeing as you his big brother, shouldn’t you atlest read it to him, be together and share in the story, and Biloo…You must always keep your thing nicely just like your brother…Okay?

Bilal: Jee Ummi…Could you read us a story?

Yusuf: Jee mommy! Please!

Ferhana laughs: Ok but on one condition, both of you quickly change into pjs and brush the teeth and jump into bed, then I will join you after seeing to dad mmm?

Both Yusuf and bilal: Jee Ummi (races to get done)

Zakir: My sneaking wife, what is it with your stories?

Ferhana: (winks) it a trade secret, are you done?

Zakir: jee, don’t worry I will clean up, I bet the boys are already tuck in, (kissing her on cheek as he start to clear up)
Author Note:

Apologies my dear readers, Over the last couple of days have been pretty hectic for me, but Insha’Allah I do hope to post better in the future, I hope you enjoying the story so far? Do you have any questions?
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Daily Ramadaan Drama
Dedicated to Zarina and her blogoholics!
In a small community of Overport lived three couples from different walks of life.

Ebrahim and Yumna Tayob:
Ebrahim works for huge Accounting firm while his wife runs a successful catering business, they had tried for many years and failed to have what they desired the most…a bundle of joy…This Ramadaan…their lives are about to change…

Zakir and Ferhana Joosub: Zakir is Hafiz at local masjid while his wife is a stay at home mother to their three sons, their Eldest Luqmaan is at uni studying to become a doctor while his two youngest who are twins, Yusuf and Bilal, are in primary school. Despite his many efforts Zakir cannot seem to connect with Luqmaan…but this Ramadaan this father and son duo will be tested.

Nadeem and Humairah Moosa, Nadeem is unemployed while Humairah tries and make end meet by taking odd jobs cooking for people, they have a 19-year-old divorced daughter who is six month pregnant. Hardship has hardened their daughter Ayesha to the point of her considering aborting her unborn baby…

Humairah rises early and prepares breakfast…
Walk in their heavily pregnant daughter Ayesha

Ayesha: Slmz (low voice)

Humairah: Slmz beti, sit down and have some breakfast (pointing to the two plates with breakfast, knowing her mother won’t eat saving it for her and her father)

Ayesha: JazakaAllah ma, but I am meeting the girls early this morning and I will just grab a muffin from the café, and don’t worry I got some money on me..
Humairah: but beti, you need to eat for you and the baby…

Ayesha: I am fine mom…Slmz (walk out in a huff)

Meanwhile at the Tayob residents:
Yumna: (on the phone) jee, I cannot believe it will be Ramadaan this Saturday, it feels like just yesterday, we had eid.
Gulshan (Her friend): Jee, I actually been preparing for like two months now, did you take my advice and hire that lady I spoke to you about?
Yumna: No, honestly it will feel strange not preparing our Ramadaan savories myself…but with my schedule I just haven’t gotten down to it.
Gulshan: Yea shame it not easy, well if you ever change your mind, message me I got her number.

Yumna: Thanks will do, I got to go, another client just walk in..Slmz

Elderly couple walks in,

Yumna: Slmz, how may I help you?

Uncle Fazil: Slmz beti, My wife and I always prepare eid by our house, this year the kids told us they want to hire out, we were little skeptical so we had volunteered to find the catering…

Yumna: Aw how lovely, well my name is Yumna, My business is small but I have managed quite a few successful events, I got a set menu and hire the best cooks and wait stuff, I got a few sample menu if you like to see?

Aunty Zuleika: Make my husband maaf, he has no manners, My name is Zuleika and this is Fazil Amod, We are a bit old school, if it not too much trouble could you organised some samples for us to taste, we have heard such lovely things about your company

Yumna: JazakaAllah, it lovely to meet you too and I can organised something for next week? If that ok?

Uncle Fazil look a bit surprised

Aunty Z: Maaf dear, it Ramadaan so we won’t be able to come. Could you try for this Friday, if it not too much of a hassle?

Yumna: Oh yeah..uhm Could I maybe have your number and I will let you know? Because I will try and see if I can get some samples to show you guys? (smiles)

Uncle Fazil, quickly write down their details and hurries along his wife

Yumna smiles and make dua that Allah keep her and Ebrahim happy like that married couple.

Adhaan is being called…

Luqmaan and his twin brothers prepare to go to mosque, when Luqmaan get a call from a friend
Luqmaan: Slmz bra, howsit?
Irfaan: wslmz,listen are heading to the bali?

Luqmaan: yup, little rascals are with, why? Need a lift?
Irfaan: yup..I am at the engine garage on sparks
Luqmaan chuckles and tell him to wait his coming..and cuts the call
Luqmaan: little detour boys, picking irfaan up

Yusuf: ag man, Irfaan need to get his own car
Bilal: why? I like Irfaan, his fun unlike bha *showing tongue*
Yusuf: (roll his eyes) you like everyone bilal

Bilal: no I don’t!
Yusuf: yes you do!

Luqmaan shake his head at his brother’s antics, when he notices a young lady who is heavily pregnant across the street looking so lost…*I wonder who that is, and where is her husband*
Arriving at the garage, he notices Irfaan with shady crowd of people…

Luqmaan: You guys stay put while I go and get Irfaan (giving them a stern warning with his voice)
Approaching the group

Tattoo gangster 1: Hey look who it is? Mr holy than thou *causing the group to snicker*
Luqmaan: Irfaan…Can we please go? (avoiding eye contact with the others)

Irfaan: Chill bra…listen I need another hit by end of the week, I should have the money arrange ok? (speaking to main man who wearing a leather jacket)
Before they could leave, the two rascals left the car and came there
Bilal obviously not aware of the danger speaks first: Irfaan! Please tell Yusuf I don’t like everyone, his being mean!

Yusuf just roll his eyes and turn to Luqmaan: I tried to stop him, but he won’t listen!
Luqmaan: get back in the damn car! *raising his voice*
Friday night…

Radio Alansaar: Muslim Jamaat has sighted the moon in three different cities, confirming that tomorrow the 27th May 2017 will be the first fast.

Zakir opens his phone to see the abundances of messages flowing, with each new ping…his heart quickens with excitement…The Holy month has begun!

Author Note:
Another year of excitement has begun, I cannot express my excitement in writing another drama series, I hope you enjoy this new chapters as I do writing them!
And Most importantly I hope everyone has an amazing Ramadaan and remember us all in url pious duas!

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The final chapter: Two proposals and a baby in Daily Ramadaan Drama

Daily Ramadaan Drama


Zaheer is seriously injured and has been sent in for second op, meanwhile Amod residents fear eviction.


Zaheer Hospital Room:

“He is comatose”….

“He might never walk again”

“He won’t be the same person you remember”

Those were all comments that Ayesha heard from doctors, family members and far off relative…It has been four days since Zaheer second op, and he has yet to wake up…doctors fear the worst, even her father in law look at her with pity, but somehow Allah work such a miracle, that I had two unlikely allies on my side, My mother in law and Tasmia. Their faith and mine never weaver for a moment that my Zaheer will make a full recovery. Although it was tough forgiving Tasmia for her path, I saw how immensely guilt she felt, and took it upon myself to be her guide. Atlas I realize with my quest for knowledge through social media and my dependency on my cell phone, that it didn’t have all the answer I needed, only one place could give me what I desire, my muslilah, praying to my Allah.

Me: Slmz Zaheer, I know what everyone say, and I guess from medical point they might be right, but I know my Allah, he won’t let us down, and he will bring you back to us (rubbing my still flat tummy)

I was initial shocked when my mother told me to take a pregnancy test, and it come out positive…but with that joy of learning my family was growing, the nightmare began…hearing of Zaheer shooting, shock me to the core…I continually cried and tried to be strong, but seeing his still form, still haunts me…that when something miracles occurred…my mother in law grab me and held me tight in a hug, repeatly saying that our Zaheer was coming back…and soon after Tasmia join us.

Me: I refuse to see a doctor, I can’t do this pregnancy without you Zaheer, I am so sorry for not realizing sooner how lucky I am to have a husband like you. I will never take you for grated every again… (Holding his hand)

Tasmia enter the room…her eyes swollen from crying for days…I felt incredibly guilty for not noticing her need for attention, all she need is little care and tough love…

Me: come, I’m sure Zaheer will want to hear his sister alright…

Tasmia sit across on the other end…

Tasmia: bha…I am so so sorry, I have done my things wrong In my life as short as it is…but seeing you(trying to keep her tears in)…I can’t …I am just so sorry, you always been my protector, my best friend…please get better(she whisper the last part)




Hashim look at his daughter and notices her sudden change…his daughter was always the shy type, never one to care for fashion or seek out activities her friends participates…but over these last few days, he seen the slight changes…the add makeup, the cell phone clutch tightly in her hand, and the odd smile now and then…

While reading namaaz, he was approached by Mr Amod, apparently he asked to see my family and I on Eid day, knowing that my wife prepare a huge feast I invite them along for lunch…

Ahmed: JazakaAllah for the invite, we shall love to come.

After mosque I told my wife of what happen, and she suddenly smile in glee….

Fatima: Isn’t it obvious, one of her son must want our Fatima, so they most probable want to come for proposal!

Hashim: excuse me, I won’t accept…my daughter deserve the best, after all she has the best of things, how can I allow my baby to be married off to poor relations…(Hashim scoffs)

Fatima: Hashim! We were also poor once, don’t judge them, and please don’t be petty…. (Rolling her eyes at her husband)

Amina room:

Farhaan and Wasim were playing with Amina in her room when they hear their father arrive, greeting his family, he smile pointly at Farhaan

Ahmed: Son, I got good news, we are invited to have lunch at Hashim Omar for Eid….

Farhaan stand up…

Farhaan: what…are you?

Ahmed: (laughs) what do you think, I would forget my dear son request, I want to bring the proposal up, and he kindly offer a luncheon, so I obviously accepted, I hope you don’t mind Jameela (smiles sheepishly at his wife)

Jameela: I don’t mind, dear husband, but what do I take along, they are awfully wealthy and I am sure they will be dress to the nines….Oh Allah!! I completely forgot to do Eid shopping for the girls…what I would get them….

Ahmed: (smiles gently at his wife) my dear, worry not…we are not people who need to associate ourselves with others, my daughters and you are beautiful, anything you wear will be great, and don’t forget that!

Jameela: You are right my husband, Ya Allah what would I do without you. But we do not…poor Amina won’t have nothing new to wear…

Just than Yusrah walks in…

Yusrah: Fear not, mother dearest, I will make Amina Eid outfit, it is time I practice what I am learning, and I am sure I can whip up something special

Jameela: ok, let us go get some material, I hear the store on 5th has a special.



Ziyaad: It hopeless, and my daughter is so irresponsible, I thoughts I raised her better…oh where did I go wrong, what didn’t I give her…

Faheem was busy reading his Quran when he overheard Ziyaad heated conversion with someone over the phone, he knew it was rude to overhear, but he hasn’t had a chance to check up on his friend after they found out that he was place in coma state after his surgery, seeing Aunty Rashida and the girls in tears broke his heart, and seeing his dear friend in such a state wasn’t easy, every day without fail, Faheem would read duas and give charity on Zaheer name, and now to hear a father bad mouthing his daughter for a mistake I am sure she feel guilty…but blame cannot only be place on her, these incidents are regular occurrences that society has become immune to it…instead of being negative, he should be supporting his family and praying for his son recovery

Ziyaad cut his call and notices Faheem staring at him…

Ziyaad: Slmz Faheem, how you beta?

Faheem: I am alright shukr, how is Zaheer and the family?

Ziyaad: still the same…I haven’t been to the hospital, the business is been so busy…but I get regular updates from my wife. You should pop in, we having an Eid sale…

Faheem: JazakaAllah, I rather go and see Zaheer, after all life is too short, and we should be continually support ones friends and family.

This stump Ziyaad…after all what he to do…his only son, his legacy is seriously injured and might never walk again could drive any man to find a vice to keep his brain occupied…for him it work…

Ziyaad: some of us that have the privilege of an innocent mind, some of us live with the knowledge of a harder time son, don’t forget…

After leaving, Ziyaad had an urge to see his son…should he go or….head to work



Wasim and Melissa, met up at their regular spot…

Melissa: are you for real?

Wasim: yeah my mother found out about you, and she asked to meet you (shrugging his shoulders) listen if you don’t want to it cool…

Melissa: no it just…I got some news today…

Wasim: yeah?

Melissa: my parents are thinking of moving…

Wasim: (sit upright) don’t they understand that it your last year…how can they…

Melissa: they thought of that (signing) offer for me to stay at the campus dorms…

Wasim: but you would miss them too much…

Melissa look up shocked that Wasim knew her so well…She felt angry and sadden her parents were making such a huge deal and not including her…after all it did affect her the most..

Wasim: (holding her hand) hey, it ok…I guess I…I thought maybe we had a future, but I would never expect you to choice between your family and me…

Melissa is relived that Wasim was being so sweet and supportive….surprising her…even Fatima had taken off at her…and she just her friend…a friend who apparently almost hitch…so much she would miss….


27th night:

Ziyaad and the rest of lydenburg men met and took their places for Salah, upon hearing the azaan, they quickly broke their fast with a date and started to follow the moulana, leading them in prayer….Ziyaad phone which is place on vibrate, was buzzing, he didn’t want to break his namaaz so he let it ring and completed his Salah

Upon his mat” Ya Allah I do not ask this for me, but rather for my unborn grandchild, a father is a protector, a role model and a provider, and every little bunda you have place on this earth need one, do not take away my son, grant him complete shifa….I know that medical standpoint he isn’t good, but please perform a miracle, he is a better than I am”

After making sincere duas, he made his way to his car…taking out his phone, and see 8 miss call from his wife…what could it be…did something happen to Zaheer…he rushes to dial…she answer on the first ring

Rashida: You better hurry to the hospital now! (Cut the call before he could reply)


Amod resident:

Ahmed and his family just finish their supper when there a knock on the door…Ahmed answers and his landlord is there

Landlord (LL): Good evening Mr Amod, I hope I am not interrupting?

Ahmed; no it fine, we have just finished our supper, would you care for cup of tea?

LL: no thank you, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news….but I had spoken it over with the board. They cannot wait another month for you to come up with the rent, you have to be evicted by next week (handing over the envelope)

Ahmed: but sir-

LL: I am sorry I tried, but they already have someone line up, if you could produce something by tomorrow or Sunday, I cannot help you…

Ahmed closes the door…where would they go. He was only able to get half the rent, and it would be impossible to raise the other by Sunday….

Jameela ushers the kids to clean the kitchen…

Jameela: worry not my husband, Allah works in mysterious ways…don’t lose hope (kissing his check)

This is how it always been with them, when one loses faith, the other carry hope for the both of them…

While praying, he ask Allah for a mircle….to save his family for being put on the street.



Marko joins his Hashim and his family for a braai….

Marko: So I told the family about the move, Mel has been sulking but want to move with us…

Hashim: I cannot imagine what you going though, although I am having my own dilemma, you remember Ahmed Amod…?

Marko: Ah yes, he is a pleasant fellow, but what I hear almost homeless…

Hashim: what? I didn’t know this…

Marko explain about the Amod situation and this anger Hashim more…

Hashim: That man! He actually came the other day, expecting to speak to me….my wife think one of his son want to marry our Fatima! Like I would ever allow her into that situation!

Fatima overhear her father, and rushes to her room crying…Mel follows

Mel: hey, what wrong?

Fatima: my father hates Farhaan family, just because they aren’t well off…they have been having some financial problems and now my father would reject Farhaan proposal!

Mel: oh dear, what are you going to do?

Fatima: I don’t- wait….I think I know of a way…. (She smiles and whisper her plan to Melissa)



Farhaan is reading his Quran when he is paid a visit by his mother….

Jameela love spoiling her children, and ever since Farhaan moved so far away, she constantly misses him, before Esha, She get Wasim to drop her off at his flat…after all he will soon be married man and forget all about his dearest mother.

Jameela: Slmz beta, I brought some treats (holding a tray of freshly baked biscuits)

Farhaan: Slmz mommy, come in…What bring mommy here, not that I mind (smiles)

Jameela: well I felt it was only right, I spoke to you in private…come sit…I know you heart is sat on this girl and I don’t know her, but from what I hear around, she seem like really nice young lady, and as a mother I would like to know I raised you to be respectful loving son to become a lovely husband as well…(petting his check) I do know you to be a fair judge of character but in certain times, you can be a little naïve son, and that not necessary a bad thing, in our society, certain “classes” are place, and I know we aren’t the riches family but we do live comfortably…

Farhaan: I know and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of you…

Jameela: I know beta, (her eyes soften) and I also know that this girl you wish to marry comes from a different background, she is uses to different comforts…and even though we naïve at a tender age, later in life it will cause issues, so do speak to her and make sure that you get both side approvals, it important for a girl family to accept the boy, after all they are giving you one of their precious gems…

Just than another knock comes interrupting before he could answer his mother…opening the door to face a flushed Fatima…

Fatima: Slmz…Oh Farhaan please we need to elope…My father would never accept us….


Meanwhile at the hospital

Ziyaad rushes to his son wards…fearing the worst only to be confronted with his smiling wife

Rashida: Oh Ziyaad! You won’t believe the good news!

Ziyaad: Zaheer awake?

Rashida: jee and he absolutely fine, shukr to Allah but that not the good news!

Ziyaad: it not…? (Raised his eyebrow at his wife)

Rashida: Our Tasmia is engaged….

Ziyaad: whaaat?!!!


In the room: (few hours earlier)

Tasmia is quietly sitting at her brother side reading her Quran, when Faheem walks in, he greet her and sit next to his friend

Faheem: hey bud, I know you can hear me, so I will only tell you this once, I had consider your proposal, and to be honest…I kind of thinking of going through with it, but I need my wingman, so please wake up…

Next thing Faheem know, he get a slap on his shoulder…Zaheer is smiling humourlessly at his bud…

Faheem and Tasmia both wake up in shock and yell out Zaheer name!

Causing Rashida and Ayesha to rush in

Ayesha look at everyone shocked face and smiles at her hubby…

Ayesha: I though you wanted to wait till tonight to announce your awakening?

Zaheer: (Smile sheepishly at his wife) I could resist, my bud just gave me some excellent news, and I couldn’t pretend a second longer…

Three confused people look at husband and wife…

Rashida: he woke up, why you didn’t tell me?!

Ayesha: I wanted to mommy, but Zaheer ask me not to…

Zaheer: Don’t be angry at her, I asked her to keep it quite…after all I need some privacy with my wife, we been a part to long, I am sorry for keeping you guys on edge…

Tasmia: So you know about the baby…

Zaheer: (smiles at Ayesha) jee….he/she is the reason I woke…Allah must know I still have much to do, including getting my bud his bride (looking at his friend and sister)

Faheem is shocked…: Bud…I

Zaheer: please don’t say you backing out…

Faheem: no, but we still need her approval… (Looking at Tasmia)

Tasmia: what going on…why the both of you looking at me….is there something on my face (bend down to search for a mirror)

Rashida: is it…do you really want our Tasmia?

Both Ayesha and Tasmia look at Rashida shock, while Faheem nods…

Faheem: if she is ok with it…? (Looking at Tasmia for approval)

Tasmia contemplates…

Tasmia: (and answer simply) yes…



Farhaan quickly hide the envelop of cash under his parents pillow, and while his other siblings are lookout…

Wasim: I can’t believe they didn’t tell us…

The siblings got together and sold whatever their didn’t need, so that they could drum up enough cash to pay for their rent…even little Amina gave her savings and old toys to sell…

Farhaan couldn’t be prouder of his siblings, especially Yusrah, who got a job, and planning on completing her studies part-time so she can help with household expenses.

Yusrah: hurry up, they gonna be suspious if we all not at the table…

After everyone settle for their iftar, they listen to the radio, for the announcement of Eid…

Radio announcer: It has been confirmed, with many of the sightings all over the country that tomorrow will definitely be the 1st of Shawwal and Eid, Eid Mubarak to the Ummah and remember us all in your pious duas.

The whole table erupts in cheers, even though they haven’t figured how to pay the rent, he atlest got another extension for a week, he took up extra shifts and even Jameela offer more classes to raise up funds. They didn’t want to disappoint their children, so they kept aside a small potion, to buy them a small gift each…

After iftar, Ahmed and Jameela settle in their room, discussing their Eid plan, when Ahmed felt something strange under his pillow…Removing the envelope he found…he opened it and saw R15 000…just the amount he needed to pay of the rent…

Jameela: huh…where did this come from?

Ahmed: It reads, Eiddy and there is no name….but I have an inking who’s responsible…

Jameela: me too (smiling)

Eid Morning:

Amina bounces into her parent’s room and jump on the bed….

Amina: Eid Mubarak (hugging both her parents, while the other join them) did you find your Eiddy? (The other groan)

Wasim: that was a secret Amina, you weren’t supposed to tell them!

Amina look at her mother: but Ummi said I can tell her all my secrets, and she won’t tell anyone, right Ummi?

Jameela laughs and nods…..

After phoning Farhaan and telling the kids how proud they are of them for banding together, they brought out their little gifts, which they really appreciated…

Amina and Yusrah got ready while Wasim help his father to go pay a visit to their landlord….


Later at Hashim place:

Everything was done up smart and Fatima mother welcome the Amods warmly.

After everything was eaten and everyone got acquainted, the men decided to talk in the lounge…

Hashim: So I am so grateful to you for bring my Fatima back…I know when I…

Ahmed: there is no need, we only ask is that you give Farhaan a chance. He is an amazing young man, he has overcome so much in his young life and I know he will treasure your daughter.

Hashim: To be honest I was against this match purely based on your income level, but after Fatima tried to run away, my wife was kind enough to remind me of a time where we were also poor, we didn’t have our parents approval and elope and married, although we are happily married, 29 good years, it would’ve been nice to have my in law approval…so son, I won’t ask of your background or financial situation, I just have one question…

Farhaan: jee (preparing himself)

Hashim: Would you love my daughter with all your heart?

Farhaan: Jee, she is my path to Jannah, I want her beside me on the day of Judgement…she complete me…I will love her till my last breath…

Hashim seem to contemplate his answer and simply reply: “you have my approval son”

Everyone was happy….

Wasim introduce Melissa to his mother, and Mel introduce Wasim to her…Seem like her father had a change of heart, when he saw his daughter happiness lies here…


At the Adam household

Although he is much better, he wasn’t discharged from hospital, so everyone had a light meal and visited Zaheer at the hospital…even Faheem brought his parents…they had heartily accepted Tasmia…Her father took a little convincing after all, she was his baby and although he was upset with her he still loved her dearly.

Zaheer look at his family laughing and joking…he quietly take Ayesha hand…and place a small kiss inside the palm of her hand…

Ayesha: what wrong?

Zaheer: nothing, everything is perfect…there is one thing left…I am so sorry for overacting to that message…if we haven’t fought-

Ayesha: (Ayesha stop him) hey, if you haven’t, I wouldn’t have realize what a doofus I was…Zaheer, you are my partner, and I will never take you for granted ever again. I love you.

Zaheer: And I love the both of you (placing a kiss on her tummy).

Author Note:

The completion of yet another Ramadaan, and blog…How the times flies. I hope this answer any lingering questions about my dear characters…and I hope everyone has enjoyed just journey, as much as I have. I appreciate all the vote of confidence and dedication to my blog…You guys rock!!!

So as our darling Amina would say: Eid Mubarak Everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful and sugar-coated day! Please remember me and my family in your duas…Even though I am excited for Eid…I am sadden that we have to say goodbye to the blessed month of Ramadaan, May Allah accept our Ibadah and gives us many more Ramadaan and Eid’s Insha’Allah.

P.S: I hope to hear from you guys think of the ending and who is your favourite character…Mines is definitely Amina ❤ but then again…I love them all :p

Ok guys!!! Important please read, I plan on having a question and answer post on my characters, so if you have any questions for them on their choices, futures or dreams, please free to email me them or drop a comment on this post!

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The Day After in Daily Ramadaan Drama

Daily ramadaan drama 
Ayesha is suddenly ill and tasmia is seen hanging out with strangers which leads to a shoot out 
Melissa joins her parents in the dinner tables and hears her father complaining about the staff staying away sick for the pass couple of days
Mel: it’s this horrid weather we’ve been having, even i am feeling under the weather 
Jen: aw my poor baby, maybe I should get that delicious soup recipe from Rashida, she says it works wonders on her kids 
Marko: I don’t think a soup can cure anything but I would love some soup, how is the Adam family? 
Jen: Rashida is finished the poor woman doesn’t know whether she is coming or going, and there is still no improvement in his conditions 
Marko: how his wife taking it? Shame they are so young to be going through such difficulties 
Jen: yeah especially since they weren’t even talking before this 
Mel: are u guys talking about the shoot out at that garage? It’s all over social media
Jen: yes, the poor family has no privacy plus I hear that the wife isn’t even talking to the family 
Mel: I hear it’s his sister….
Marko: no idea I hear it was a gang hit
Jen: the both of you!! We cannot speculate, as we all know what horrible rumors can do
While everyone sits and ponder there , another family is going through hardship… 
The Amods: 
Farhaan: but mommy-
Jameela: I don’t want to hear it, you need to save your money, marriage isn’t easy my son plus I am sure we will figure something.. Allah is always there
Ahmed: your mother is right Farhaan this is our concern you shouldn’t be worried , concentrate on your studies and leave this to me, I will just have to ask for an extension 
The Amods are backlogged on their rent and their landlord is threatening to evict them … 
Jameela: I got some money saved from my samosa sales and I am sure I can get a few more Rands if I offer some private tuition for Qur’an 
Ahmed: my dear wife how can I ever repay you, you do so much but still offer to take on more, IN Shaa Allah this eid I shall have the money, just waiting on uncle Rasheed 
After listening to his parents talk Farhaan decided quietly to help without his parents knowing but first he will have to tell Fatima… I hope she understands 
Amina decided to help her parents as well and goes quietly in her room and opens her stuffed bear that her brother gave her as a present 
Amina:let me see, R10 and R2 and R8 and R9 that makes R29!! , that’s a lot of money, mommy will be so proud of me ( she smiles and hurries to offer her mom) 
Jameela: Amina what are you doing? 
Amina: (big smile) I got money to pay papa’s rent so no more we have to leave isn’t (handling over her savings)
Jameela: (teary eyed) aw my darling thank you, I know how much you have been saving so do me a favor ok keep this money and if papa needs I will tell you ok, (pinching her cheek) my sweet baby mustn’t worry ok papa and I got this (winking) 
Ayesha: Ya Allah I know I haven’t been a good wife but please Allah don’t take my husband from me, I promise to stay away from what’s bad for me and I promise that our baby will be just like his/ her father, Ya Allah please don’t make me raise this baby alone (crying as she makes dua on her musallah (prayer mat))  
At A Cafe
Fatima receives a message from Farhaan to meet him, she was shocked after all they never met….wonder what he wants?
After waiting another few seconds, a young handsome man arrives, he had light brown eyes and short dark brown hair, he is wearing a plain kurtha (men’s Islamic wear) and blue toupee…could he be….and with him is a little girl holding his hand 
Farhaan: Aslaamuliakom, are you Faatimah? 
His voice is so soft and amazing 
Fatima: jee I am Fatima 
Farhaan: oh maaf ( he sits across her) I hope you don’t mind I brought my little sister with (pointing at a little girl) her name is Amina 
Fatima: slmz Amina I don’t mind (smiles)
Amina is shy so she just greets softly and sits next to her brother
Fatima smiles at Amina: how old are you? 
Amina: (looks at Farhaan for permission to which he nods) I am 8 years old 
Fatima: aw I wish I was 8 too, it’s the best year isn’t it
Amina: can I tell you a joke?
Fatima: sure?
Amina: why didn’t the shellfish want to share their sweets?
Fatima: I don’t know.. why? 
Amina: because they are shelfish 
Both Farhaan and Fatima laugh with Amina 
Amina nods, she likes Fatima
Farhaan looks at them interacting and knew he made the right choice.. He just hoped that she doesn’t mind waiting a bit 
Fatima: so Farhaan what did you want to meet about? 
Farhaan: I know I haven’t chatted much I just want to ensure we do not commit any sin; that’s also why I brought Amina along, I really like you and I even asked my dad to ask your father for your hand (both Farhaan and Fatima blush at that) and I want to make Nikaah soon but I have little funds, and at the moment my parents are having it hard, I wish to help them so I won’t be able to .. 
Fatima: so you want to wait? 
Farhaan: my parents don’t want to accept my help but I feel that I owe them, they raised me and helped me so I feel I want to do the same 
Fatima: I understand I would do the same and I don’t mind waiting…but I would like to at least be engaged(blushing)
Farhaan: (smiles) that can be arranged so can I assume I will get a yes for my proposal? 
Fatima: (blushing) maybe…
Farhaan: let my dad ask and we both make istigara namaaz (smiles) 
Fatima nods 
Meanwhile at the hospital.. 
Rashida:what do you mean my son is gone in for another operation?!! What is the problem? 
Nurse: I am sorry mam but all I know is that the doc has taken him in, as soon as he is out you can ask him 
Rashida huffs.. 
Rashida: can’t believe this, no one knows what’s wrong with Zaheer? 
Tasmia looks gloomily at her mother, she felt incredibly guilty, it’s her fault that her brother is in hospital, still remembering the horrible incident…but who was that guy that was so calm, he really helped my brother if it wasn’t for him I don’t know what I would’ve done
At the mosque: 
Ahmed meet Hashim and Ziyaad after Tarawee
Ahmed: Slmz bha, how’s your boy holding up? 
Ziyaad: not good, I am going now to see him, my wife and daughter are beside themselves 
Hashim: it’s tough, all you can do is make dua, let me go, my daughters will be waiting for me
After Hashim left Ahmed and Ziyaad spoke about the incident when Ziyaad saw Faheem 
Ziyaad: son, jazakaAllah so much, the doc said if you didn’t act as quick as you did ? zaheer would be much worse
Faheem: no don’t thank me uncle, how is he doing, I have been meaning to come by? And how’s Tasmia? 
Ziyaad got angry at the mention of Tasmia, 
Ziyaad: he is still very critical, as for that child, I don’t know what possessed her, she was always such a good child, Allah must guide her 
Faheem felt sorry for Tasmia, everyone was being very rude with her, she is just as traumatized, and she blames herself for the shooting but He felt it isn’t his place to say anything 
He and Ziyaad went together to the hospital, when they are met with an over emotional Rashida and Tasmia 
Author note: 
Well … what could they be crying about? 
Stay tuned to find out more about these folks lives…more drama and suspense to be seen…
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sideeffects in Daily Ramadaan Drama

Daily Ramadaan Drama:


Amina gets a small life lesson from her mom… 

Ayesha’s Home

Ayesha has been home for two weeks now, yet she has no idea why Zaheer is so angry. Her parents were only too happy to have their youngest at home, but curious as to why Zaheer hasn’t called…

Mom: Do you think something happened between her and Zaheer?

Pa: yeah seems like it, otherwise we would’ve been listening to her talk for hours with him over the phone…why don’t you have a talk with her and find out?

Mom: She won’t say anything to me, but she could never resist her father, now go (pushing her husband to her daughter’s room)

Pa: (Knocking) Beti?

Ayesha: jee, come in daddy…

He found her sitting on her phone…

Pa: Slmz beti, how you today?

Ayesha: (tries to stay strong) I am ok daddy…I just- (she starts crying)

Pa: (Shocked and tries to comfort his daughter) slow down Ayesha I don’t understand (trying to make sense of her between her heavy sobs)

Ayesha: (looking at her father, trying to restrain another bout of tears) Zaheer’s angry at me…and…and…I don’t know why……

Her father was shocked, he knew how much Zaheer loved Ayesha, and couldn’t understand what could’ve gotten him so cross, but before he could contemplate any further, Ayesha suddenly looked ill and ran off to the bathroom

Pa: Ayesha!! What’s wrong beti? (Trying to enter the bathroom, after hearing her vomit for the second time)

Ayesha: (sobbing) no daddy! Please call mom

Rushing to call his wife, and waits impatiently for any news of what’s wrong with Ayesha….


Marko’s office:

Marko: I spoke to Jen about the move and she is not pleased with me (sighing)

Hashim: it’s understandable, you have moved quite a bit in the last few years…

Marko: but it’s for work Hashim, I was so sure she would be understanding, and now I also have to deal with Melissa’s reaction…

Hashim: my advice, is be honest and listen to what they have to say… (He sounded like he was talking from experience)

After finish off for the day, Marko hurries home, and finds the house empty…Where is his family?


Jameela: Tasmia!!! What are you doing?! (Her mother walks in on her eating)

Tasmia: Agh woman, I got my period ok… (Trying to shrug of her mother’s shock)

Jameela: I know when you have your periods! I am your mother!!! What is wrong with you?!

Tasmia: Oh please ma, I was just….not feeling well so I broke my fast, no big deal…

Jameela: Ya Allah what is going on with you, Tasmia ever since Ayesha left you’ve been acting weird

Tasmia: Oh please don’t be melodramatic, it not like I care for that witch (referring to Ayesha)

Jameela became infuriated and slaps Tasmia!

Tasmia is shocked, her mother never raised a hand on her before…

Tasmia: what you think?! One slap and I will listen! Just leave me alone!!! (Rushing off angrily)

Jameela is shocked at her reaction, and tries to call Tasmia back, just then Zaheer walks in

Jameela: (sobbing) it’s all your fault!!! Why did I ever allow you to marry that Ayesha! Now she’s influenced our Tasmia!! She even broke her fast and stormed off!!! (His mother slams her door shut without waiting for him to respond) 

Zaheer: what is going on here…and what does Ayesha have to do with it….


Mel: Wasim, I told you, I’m not ready ok…my parents aren’t as cool as they seem, they are very protective of me…

Wasim: so…wait are you ashamed of me? (Looking deeply hurt)

Mel: No…I just don’t know how they will react, I want them to like you…

Wasim: what just because I am Muslim they won’t think I am good enough?

Mel: what…no I didn’t….

Wasim: it is pretty much implied…I can’t be with someone who can’t accept me for who I am, I am a Muslim Mel and although I love you, I won’t change who I am….

Wasim leaves feeling despondent….he really thought Mel would be different…

Mel look at her friend…

Mel: what do I do Fatima? I love him but my parents won’t accept him…

Fatima: I know Hun, but if he is someone you really love, than don’t you think your parents will accept him?

Mel: I don’t know…I just don’t understand why he is so insistent…things were great

Fatima: atlest he wants to take things further, Mel I don’t mean to be horrid, but he’s just trying to do right by you…he is one of the decent ones (sounding bitter)

Mel looks at Fatima, she’s been down these last two days…

Mel: what wrong Fatz…you haven’t been yourself?

Fatima: (looks down at her hand) I don’t want to talk about it Mel…I just….I got to go

Mel left shocked…what’s with people and leaving me abruptly!!!


Ahmed: I cannot believe it’s the 20th Roza….How time is flying by…Son what is bothering you?

Farhaan: (looking down) I know you aren’t my father, but you have taken me in your family….and turned my life around…I cannot ever repay what you have done…I won’t ever want to ever disappoint you…

Ahmed looks at Farhaan, He knows Farhaan is one of the good guys and can never disappoint him

Ahmed: what is it son? I know you will never disappoint me….

Farhaan: I know it’s a parents job to find a suitable spouse for their child…and you know I take you as my father and…

Ahmed: You’ve met someone?

Farhaan: no…I mean I have been chatting to this one girl. She’s really amazing dad….I want to propose to her, but I want to do it right…and….and I…wish to have her parents permission…and I don’t know…

Ahmed: Whoa it’s ok son, what’s the girls name and father’s name?

Farhaan: Fatima Joosab and I think her father’s name is Hashim….

Ahmed: ok son, leave it to me, and I do have small piece of advice son, the best person to ask for advice is Allah, so sit In namaaz and talk to him son, he will surely guide you right….

After iftar in the Amods residence:

Amina: Yussie, please play with me!!! I am bored!!

Yusrah: (rolls her eyes at her sister) you always bored, I am busy with work, go by BHA…

Amina runs in her brother’s room, he was asleep on his bed…quietly goes by his phone, perfectly unlocks it and now she can play her favourite game! Candy Crush…

Sittly quietly by her mother and playing with her brother’s phone…

Mom: (looking at her daughter) did you ask BHA if you can use his phone?

Amina: (look innocently up) jee… (Going red in her face)

Mom: (laughing) I know you didn’t, now go ask him quickly before he shouts at you (rolling her eyes at her daughter)

Amina: how did you know? (Looking at her mother in awe)

Mom: I know all my children, now go before I call him! (Telling her sternly)

Amina: but Ummi he is asleep, I will put it back before he wakes up…

Just than Wasim’s phone pings alerting Amina and her mother of a message received…

Amina curiously opens his message:

I am sorry babe, please forgive me, I love you-Mel

Amina: Mommy why is this girl telling BHA she loves him….. (Looking at her mother innocently)

Mom: hey, you know it’s rude to read other people’s messages… (Looking at his message) Ya Allah…he’s dating a non-Muslim!!!

Faheem is filling up at the petrol station when he sees her…Tasmia…what is she doing in this part of town, (he quickly grabs his phone and calls Zaheer)

Zaheer: hey bra, what’s up?

Faheem: bra I am at point road garage and I…I see your sister…she’s with some shady characters, please get here quickly….

Zaheer: I am on my way….

Waiting for few minutes for Zaheer, when he sees one of the guys trying to take advantage of Tasmia…

Faheem: hey dude! Let her go

Stranger 1: hey, mind your own business, this chick owes us money, we can do anything we want with her!

Just than Zaheer arrives….

Zaheer rushes over and drags Tasmia away from stranger 2…

Zaheer: listen I am willing to pay whatever she owes, and we will leave you alone okay… (After Faheem explain what happened)

Stranger 2: (sneers) we don’t neeed your laniey money, give us the chick and we won’t pull a gun on you

Tasmia whimper: I am sorry BHA…I don’t-

Zaheer: Shss it ok (pulling her behind and is join by Faheem) listen here, no need for violence, just take it (taking out his wallet and removing all the cash and offering stranger 1) and go before I call the cops

Faheem: it’s a fair deal…now go…

Stranger 1 takes the money and walks, but stranger 2 refuses and pulls a gun…

Strange 2: I told you, if I don’t get the chick, one of you will be shot… (Firing his gun)

Author Note:

Drama sure is continuing…..I am so sorry for my absence…I was busy with work and my mom birthday!

Anyways I appreciate all the votes and comments, it warm my heart at the amazing response to my story and I hope it stays!!! 

Anyways…Who do you think got shot? 

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